Update: Access PLDT Home Fibr Advance Settings using this Tool (2018)

I’ve noticed this update on the PLDT Home Fibr console around early or mid of March 2018. I couldn’t really remember the exact date. But the thing is that the method where I’ve discussed about how to Access PLDT Home Fibr Modem Page with Full Privileges doesn’t work anymore.

As what Ram have pointed out in his comment, he got the same error as I had which you can see below.

menuParse.js:46 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘documentElement’ of null
at Object._getMenusFromXML (menuParse.js:46)
at Object.setMenuDomain (menuParse.js:21)
at Object.initData (frame_3bb.js:57)
at Object.init (frame_3bb.js:32)
at HTMLDocument. (frame_3bb.js:271)
at Function.ready (jquery.js:26)
at HTMLDocument.L (jquery.js:33)
_getMenusFromXML @ menuParse.js:46
setMenuDomain @ menuParse.js:21
initData @ frame_3bb.js:57
init @ frame_3bb.js:32
(anonymous) @ frame_3bb.js:271
ready @ jquery.js:26
L @ jquery.js:33

So it might be also the same with all of you guys out there who have a PLDT Home Fibr modem but not really sure though on different versions.


The problem was that the curUserType variable that we alter to “2” actually points to an xml file where the file name is the value we set that is “2.xml”. The said file gets requested upon resuming the code execution from break mode. But that is already non-existent, so we get a 404 response, hence, showing Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘documentElement’ of null as can be seen in the console.


I won’t really dive into deep details about how I made it to work to be able to access the advance settings even using only the default “admin” account. PLDT might be able to figure this out soon. Thanks to this thread which lead me to come up with the solution.

So, here’s the tool I created which exactly looks like just the default PLDT Home Fibr modem console and here are the steps on how to use it.

1.) Open on your browser.

2.) Login to the router console first using the “admin” account.

3.) When you’re logged in, open the PLDT Home Fibr Advance Settings Tool .

You should now be able to view the advance settings tabs on your PLDT Home Fibr modem.

Disable AP Isolation

Disabling AP Isolation allows your devices connected through LAN or WIFI be able to communicate with each other. If you don’t see the AP Isolation settings by default that means you are not allowed to make any changes to that option locally.

In that case, you may need to call PLDT hotline 176, Press 3 then 2. Then request the support to disable AP Isolation for you. Not really sure if they can do it remotely but I think they can.

So before or after requesting for support make sure to enable TR069 options under Network > Remote Management > ACS Server so they won’t suspect that you altered some configuration with your modem. Just disable the TR069 options again when the Support or Technician is done configuring it to prevent PLDT from automatically upgrading the software version of your hardware.

If in case a PLDT technician will be visiting your place to assist you, please don’t show to them the tool I created.

View AP Isolation Options (Update: 04/13/2018)

For some users who don’t see the AP Isolation options under Network > WLan Settings > Basic, I updated the tool so users can see the AP isolation without having to do the “inspect element” thing every time the page is loaded.

But for this to work there are few steps that you need to take. This has only been tested to work with Chromium browser Version 41.0.2272.0. I tested it with Google Chrome version 60+ but it doesn’t work. But if you have a lower version than what I have just give it a try.

So here’s what you need to do:

1.) Close ALL instances of Chrome browser or install it if you don’t have.

2.) Open “Run” then copy and paste this “chrome.exe –disable-web-security –user-data-dir” without quotes and press Enter.

You should see a warning like what’s shown on the image above that is only applicable for that instance of chrome browser. Just make sure to close it when you’re done and never access other sites in it.

3.) Try logging back in to your modem’s console.

4.) Then visit the PLDT Home Fibr Advance Settings Tool.

5.) Click the “Network” Tab.

If you’re now seeing the AP Isolation options that means it worked then you can now try disabling it. If not, then your browser may have thrown exceptions and doesn’t allow the previous steps we’ve made. If you think this will cost you so much time to accomplish then just do the “inspect element” thing.

If you find issues while using the said tool, please leave them in the comments below.

Auto-Logout/Redirection Issues: Update (May 18, 2018)

It is unfortunate to all users who have experienced redirection/auto-logout issues when modifying changes within the tool. Like what I’ve said in the solution above that “PLDT might be able to figure this out soon.” and there they have it.

The above solution has been tested to work with SW version RP2616 or other later version without the patch yet. If the software version of your modem has been automatically updated to the latest then that’s probably the reason why you are no longer able to use the tool.

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Sir applicable pba ang tool mo?

Software Version: RP2621
Hardware Version: WKE2.134.285F1A
Device Model: AN5506-04-FA
Device Description: GPON

kasi nlologout at nreredirect ako sa login page. any other way po?


hndi pdn ma access. badtrip nmn. hirap tuloy sa multiplayer matchmaking sa mga console. sna magkroon kgd ng workaround


hello, kindly call 171 or 176 and request for the admin full access. However, as of now, when I called the PLDT support they told me that the Fibr system is not yet stable so they can't give me the full access yet. But on my DSL router I can now access the the full admin interface.


Sir same problem with Jonathan

4:46 pm27th May 2018

hi. i have a custom ip address for my pldt fibr modem, can you update the tool to accept custom url other than thank you.


May update na po ba for software version: RP2627? Thanks po


Working po yung tool sakin salamat. Pero my question ako panu po ba i disable yung TR069 ? kailangan bang fill out lahat ng nasa list kung kailangan anu anu b yung ilalagay??


Papano ngwork sayo sir? hndi ka ba nreredirect sa login page at automatically logout?


Not working po.. RP2621 po vesion ng Router ko


update po sana sa tool 🙁


DANG....tr069 wan acl disabled but still PLDT updated my modem to RP2621 LOL


Pldt updated my firmware to RP2621 even with tr069 wan acl disabled lol 😳😳😳😳


SV: RP2610
HV: WKE2.134.2*****1
DM: AN5506-04-F

Hi, I tried using ur tool.
Under Network -> Remote Mgmt -> ACS Server = "TR069 Enable" section,
I clicked & submitted the form with "Disabled" radio button ticked
but the preview shows that its still "Enabled", Does this tool still work?
Did they already patch it? If so, that is very disappointing 🙁


Hi, PLDT update my modem to RP2621, no access any more to advance menu , getting auto log out if enter any of advance setting , any solution for new firmware ?


Most of the modem eh inuupdate na ni PLDT. Mine from 2616 to 2621 and the cheatsheet from github and the trick of yours is not working anymore. I hope you can find a solution for those who does not have an access to the adminpldt.



nakarequest na ako access sa adminpldt panel. nadisable ko yung TR069 and WAN ACL.
using Inspect sa chrome, nashow ko na yung Isolation radio buttons. Kaso pag dinisisable ko, nagrerefresh yung page, pagkacheck ko balik to enable yung Isolation.

Any tips? Advice?


hi. i have a custom ip address for my pldt fibr modem, can you update the tool to accept custom url other than thank you.


Bosing.di nagana sakin. waited for toolong ang lumalabas,


sir omelsoft. may 2 pc ako then kinonect ko sa pldt home fibr modem router na enable ko na din yun LAN 2 3 4 nya ang problema ko po is di ko madetect sa network yun pc2 sa pc1 vise versa. kahit shared na sila. thank you and God bless!!


Hi. I did tried all the steps but still can't have full administrative privileges. my neighbors are too smart that I have been changing my password and SSID name even hiding my SSID they can still access my wifi connection. It is very aggravating. Kami na nagbabayad di magamit ng matino ang wifi namin sa sobrang bumabagal ng connection sa mga nakasabit sa amin. I already called pldt for this matter and it's been almost a month that I am calling them pero ayun wala pa ding nadating na tech nila. I hope that you can help me with my dilemma. Thank u.


nooooo hindi ako umabot sana magkaron ng bago.. beystos pldt ayaw akong bigyan ng pldtadmin account


Sinubukan ko to. ngayon pati admin account na lock out sakin


Na patch na talaga nila sa latest firmware nila. Yaan nyo baka may makita pa akong solution.


hello boss. my only problem is gusto ko sana mag alocate ng bandwith sa bawat devices. may post ka po ba about don ? thanks


hi omelsoft, meron na bang bagong solution for latest firmware?


May way din po bang ma full access ung pldt home fibr usung ipad only? Wla po kaseng laptap.


Pwede po. Open mo lang browser application mo then type mo sa address bar.


Is it possible to enable /security/remote_control.asp for a specific IP only (without opening it to the world)?


I think that's not possible. If you enable remote control and let the world know your static IP then anyone can access it.


So I have followed your instructios using Chrom 41.2272.0, when running the command it does show a different error. Looks like its trying to open a page? Can you further explain?


The command should open another chrome instance or window. What error did you get?

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