Block Website in PLDT Home Fibr Router

Block Website in PLDT Home Fibr Router

Sharing Internet access to neighbors is not a bad idea. But when all of them started to stream Youtube videos–I believe there will be no problem in some other countries but here in the Philippines–disaster happens.

You’d sometimes turn the router off and on while telling them “ang bagal kasi (it’s really slow)” having that smile on your face. I know that your purpose is to let their conscience know to stop streaming videos. But they won’t bother and tell you instead “Ahh.. sege bilisan mo… (Ahh.. okay do it fast…)“.

You might not want to block them directly especially if that neighbor is constantly giving you food. LOL!

So if your concern is to only block them from streaming videos in Youtube at a certain period of time then follow the steps below.

1. Open you browser and type in the address bar. You will be redirected to the login page where you need to provide the router’s username and password.

The default user credentials if you’ve not changed it are “admin” or “adminpldt” and “1234567890” as password.

PLDT Home Fibr Login Page

2. After successfully logged in, Click the “Security” Tab and Enable Firewall.

PLDT Home Fibr Enable Firewall

Note: If you are not seeing the “Security” Tabs, see How to Access PLDT Home Fibr Router Page with Full Privileges and do the steps provided to be able to see the advance tabs.

3. Click URL Filtering and select the options “Enable” and “Black List” then click the “Add” button to start adding filters.

Add URL Filtering in PLDT Home Fibr

Type in the “” in the URL Address field. The start and end time allows you to set the duration when users will be blocked from accessing the said URL. In my case, I set it to 10 and 18 which means 10AM to 6PM.

Finally, select “Enable” in the Enable selection and hit the “Apply” button to save changes.

4. Restart your device so the changes will be applied to the users when they are connected back.

If you’re having issues, share it in the comments below.

Cromwell Bayon

He is a self-tutored programmer and a Full-Stack Developer. He strives to excel in the newest technology as possible. He has a very high sense of technicality and analytical skills which allows him to resolve any kind of issues related to technology. He also loves woodworking. Read more about him here...

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