Facebook Asked my Feedback About Their Platform

Facebook Asked my Feedback About Their Platform

I like the idea of how Facebook, being a social media platform giant, allows people to connect and collaborate from different time-zones all over the world. I know that Facebook have grown to an extremely large user base. I spent some times watching entertaining videos but isn’t it right that they will only allow things or posts that are legit and true?

Facebook nowadays have been used by other people to spread hatred against an individual and organization. Some groups, individual or even a company who owns dozens of Facebook pages (esp. in PH) takes advantage of people’s gullibility by spreading lies and FAKE news. If it’s going to mislead and make people believe that something is true where in fact it is NOT is a BIG NO to me.

What are your actions to those people who owns ten or hundreds of FAKE and TROLL accounts? They do that to anonymously attack and harass people in social media. While others also used the platform to scam people who doesn’t even care who will be damned and affected to fulfill their selfish motives.

These people and pages helped to connect with other people. YES!

But did they help make the world better? It’s a DA**, NO! Because instead of uniting, they are dividing a nation.

Also, younger generations now have access to the platform because one can fake the details (esp. the age limit you set) when signing up for an account. So in an early age, they may be already exposed to things that are meant for adults. As a parent, we can also do our part so this loophole can be prevented.

On a business side, I think there wouldn’t be a directly adverse effect when business owners or customers are being skeptical with the potential clients or suppliers they transact with. Do research and background checking, read some reviews and ask feedback from other people.

I love technology as much as innovation, so I am with you on your initiatives in making maybe not the whole world but the social media world, a better place.

Cromwell Bayon

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