Tips to Secure a Time Slot in DFA’s Passport Appointment System

Tips to Secure a Time Slot in DFA’s Passport Appointment System

Just confirmed the booking for my Passport Renewal and here’s what I’ve learned.

DFA Passport Appointment System digitalized the traditional “linya-linya or duot-duot” system which also eliminates the passport fixers.

Due to the increasing demand of new passport application and renewals, available time slots gets filled in as quick as 1 second. Yes, that’s because a lot of people have been queuing just to get one.

You don’t actually see people falling in line where in fact there are, and they are at home/office in front of their devices/computers.

One thing you would need is a fast internet connection because a delay in just a second can be a hundreds of time slots gone.

Take note of the warning message below in DFA’s website.

“Please be advised that your chosen time slot is reserved for 15 minutes.”

That means; when you’ve selected an available time slot and is able to get in to fill in necessary information, that is temporarily locked in to you valid for 15 minutes. So make sure to finish filling in the information needed within the given session. Otherwise, your selected time slot will be opened again to give chance to others to book for an appointment.

So before you click on that blue “NEXT” button, make sure you have all the needed info on hand to complete your appointment before your session ends.

If you don’t complete within the 15 minutes duration, no questions asked. Time is up and you lost the chance!

To sum it up, here’s what you need.

  • Apply/Secure a time slot using a suitable or fast internet connection
  • Prepare all the necessary information beforehand (correct names, address, contact numbers, details of old passport, etc…)
  • Complete your booking within the given 15 minutes session
  • Make sure to confirm your booking by visiting the confirmation link that will be sent to you via email.

That’s all it. Then you’ll just have to wait for the schedule appointment in your selected DFA office.

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